Book Promotion Services

Bloggers will upload posts on their web pages increasing your sales. It could be a promotional post or a review. We work with Young Adult, New Adult and Adult books, as well as fantasy, realistic fiction, and erotica books.


Promotional posts are excellent options if you want your readers to know about:
  • Synopsis + Excerpt
  • Special offers
  • Author appearance
  • Cover or trailer reveal
  • Twitter Parties

In the same promotional event, up to two of the above options may be included.
We divide the promotional events in Pre-Order and Book Blitzes.
These events are usually cover or trailer reveals. They can also be special pre-sales offers or twitter parties for book promotion, etc. This event is for pre-sales books.
It will be on for 3 days.
These are exclusive posts with synopsis and excerpts of your book. Interviews of authors and characters may be added. This event is for published books
It will be on for 3 days.
A review is one of the best ways to increase sales because readers usually check-up in Goodreads whether a book has good reviews and if so how many. If you want your book to have more reviews, you may use our services; they are made by bloggers who have their own audience, so a lot of people will know about and be interested on your book!

We divided our review services in two groups: ARC Reviews and Book Tours.
These events are for books in pre-sales.
15 tour hosting bloggers will post post reviews of your book.
It will be on for 5 days.
Book tours
These events are for published books.
15 tour hosting bloggers will post post reviews of your book. It will be on for 5 days.

An attractive banner (900 x 300 px) which will catch readers´ attention.
An awesome quote image (800 x 700 px.) It is an excellent way for making the posts jazzy and shareable on social media.
A beautiful printable bookmark (1.9 x 5.71 inch) your readers will love it.
Giveaways are highly effective tools to increase the number of post readers and bloggers participating in the event.

Banner, quote image, and bookmark. These images are displayed on smaller sizes. For full size click on desired image.

You can order and/or make questions filling out the form bellow. Remember to read our terms and conditions.


+ Payments will be made by PayPal.
+ We work with Young Adult, New Adult and Adult books in all genres.
+ Payments need to be fully received to start the event, graphics, and sponsorship services.
+ All payments in USA currency.

+ We will post the event on Bookmarks&Tours and an email will be sent to our tour hosting with book event information.
+ When an event starts, it will be posted on our social media accounts.
+ We will not be responsible for negatives reviews given by bloggers; thus bloggers will be advised to post negative reviews only after the event.
+ Payment refunds will cover up to 70% if asked within 10 days before the event.
+ You will receive an email 2 weeks before the event starts with your book graphics (banner, quote image, and printable bookmark); the day before it starts, another email will be sent with a list of all participating bloggers.
+ All bookmarks designed by us will be uploaded to our bookmarks zone.
+ Any change on graphics ordered after deadline will be charged $3.
+ Any event should be scheduled at least a month before promotional posts start, and at least two months for reviews.
+ Books reviews will be sent to bloggers on PDF format.
+ Giveaways and prize shipping costs are covered by the author. After the giveaway, the winner’s email will be sent to the author.
+ Events run Monday through Saturday.
+ On reviews events, those bloggers with more visits on their pages will be considered a stop.

+ Pop up contents and header banners appear randomly. Your pop up and banner are switched with those from other sponsors.
+ Any change on banners ordered after deadline will be charged $3.
+ We add 3 new bookmarks every day, Monday through Friday, at 3:00 pm EST, and we post about them on our social media accounts.

+ Quote images will be posted on our social media accounts to broaden your exposure.
+ All our graphics include our credits. If requested, credits may be deleted for an extra cost. Graphic credits must not be deleted without our consent.
+ Any change on graphics ordered after deadline will be charged $3.